U15s keep clean sheet in the Cup


We had an earlier kick off in the County Cup match against Stroud, so they could play all 3 CC matches today. But maybe the early morning suits Sarries – after the first 5 minutes when Stroud looked promising hovering near their line – it was Sarries all the way!

Pups could have been thrown by Skipper Noah injury after 5 minutes, but he went off and Growler came on. Noah off to A&E with his Left shoulder.
Then a pacy run from Aiden – TRY 0-5. Conversion from Keano 0-7. A couple of scrums and a good run from Stroud, lucky ‘foot out’ for us and a strong tackle from Ryan. Then another great run from Aiden – TRY 0-12, no conversion.
A fast turnaround and another TRY – this time Growler 0-17. No conversion.
A couple of penalties to Stroud and a kick out by Sarries. Then a strong run, with handoffs from Will – TRY 0-22. No conversion. An obvious stamp on Will – Ref ruled for a forced substitution.

Half time.

Second half saw Will get another TRY in first 2 minutes 0-27. Conversion taken by Keano was a great shot but fell short. Storming run from Charlie finished by Jayden – TRY 0-32. No conversion (all the Try’s in the corners!). This is a really exciting fast game and it looks like Stroud spirit is broken. There is a great run from the 10-yard line – Joe scores a TRY 0-37. Daubs says it was run in via Painswick – old person humour! No conversion. Pups are up for everything – Adam was on fire with hard tackles on Stroud players. Then a break from Fred, so close but knocked on. Then in the next minute on the opposite side of the pitch Fred gets his TRY in the corner – 0-42. No conversion.
There was a great tackle on Stroud number 13 who likes his handoffs. Tom Averis has a great run from the throw in, Charlie kicks (he is a second row!) – Pups battle/bash forward, with several missed attempts to cross the line. Buster shouts about “white line fever”. Someone needs to find a cure for it.
There was a Stroud scrum, Toby carried well and Jude tackles. The end was in sight with a potential clean sheet. Stroud line out close to their line, Sarries won it and Ryan has a run. Then a great Pups duo tackle their Number 5. Back to Sarries with great passing play finished by a TRY from Harry under the post 0-47. Conversion by Keano 0-49.

Victory – with a complete team effort shown by 7 Try scorers and points from Keano’s conversions. Fair play to all the coaches/Managers and supporters for encouraging the team to this win – best of luck to Noah for a quick recovery!

Match report by Leo Daubeney

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