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Tough battle for U15s

Sarries Vs Lydney (County Cup)

Score: 15-17

1st Half
After a respectful minutes silence, the game started the same old Sarries way…… slow. However, after defending for many phases in our 22, with every single Sarries player putting their body on the line, they sadly scored. The game carried on with both teams battling it out to score the next try but after Charlie made one cracking tackle on their five. They broke through our 10,20,30s without us noticing to score again.
After a period of Sarries pressure their 10 ran into the posts and the half ended
Half-Time Score: 0-12

2nd Half
Sarries came back hard, the forwards hitting lines and clearing rucks, the backs passing beautifully and offloading perfectly. Tackle after tackle after tackle after tackle. Lydney giving penalty after penalty, which soon led to Keano kicking to touch. Then the forwards did their thing, mauling the ball and debut player Tom carrying it over the line scoring his first try for Sarries and our first of the match. No conversion.

Soon after, Lydney scored. Sarries bounce back with another kick by Keano to touch and another Maul leading to Tom scoring his second try. No conversion. At this point both Lydney players and coaches were getting annoyed at each other, telling the ref what he should and shouldn’t do. Then 10 mins later from one end of the pitch through the hands of the backs and forwards, Charlie making the final pass to Harry who finished it off in the corner. No conversion.

Lydney were panicking now but the game ended too early and we were unable to get the winning score that we deserved.

Joe was unable to make it to the clubhouse after as he was off to use my usual spot at A&E – get well soon.

Well Played Sarries

Report written by Noah

U15s keep clean sheet in the Cup


We had an earlier kick off in the County Cup match against Stroud, so they could play all 3 CC matches today. But maybe the early morning suits Sarries – after the first 5 minutes when Stroud looked promising hovering near their line – it was Sarries all the way!

Pups could have been thrown by Skipper Noah injury after 5 minutes, but he went off and Growler came on. Noah off to A&E with his Left shoulder.
Then a pacy run from Aiden – TRY 0-5. Conversion from Keano 0-7. A couple of scrums and a good run from Stroud, lucky ‘foot out’ for us and a strong tackle from Ryan. Then another great run from Aiden – TRY 0-12, no conversion.
A fast turnaround and another TRY – this time Growler 0-17. No conversion.
A couple of penalties to Stroud and a kick out by Sarries. Then a strong run, with handoffs from Will – TRY 0-22. No conversion. An obvious stamp on Will – Ref ruled for a forced substitution.

Half time.

Second half saw Will get another TRY in first 2 minutes 0-27. Conversion taken by Keano was a great shot but fell short. Storming run from Charlie finished by Jayden – TRY 0-32. No conversion (all the Try’s in the corners!). This is a really exciting fast game and it looks like Stroud spirit is broken. There is a great run from the 10-yard line – Joe scores a TRY 0-37. Daubs says it was run in via Painswick – old person humour! No conversion. Pups are up for everything – Adam was on fire with hard tackles on Stroud players. Then a break from Fred, so close but knocked on. Then in the next minute on the opposite side of the pitch Fred gets his TRY in the corner – 0-42. No conversion.
There was a great tackle on Stroud number 13 who likes his handoffs. Tom Averis has a great run from the throw in, Charlie kicks (he is a second row!) – Pups battle/bash forward, with several missed attempts to cross the line. Buster shouts about “white line fever”. Someone needs to find a cure for it.
There was a Stroud scrum, Toby carried well and Jude tackles. The end was in sight with a potential clean sheet. Stroud line out close to their line, Sarries won it and Ryan has a run. Then a great Pups duo tackle their Number 5. Back to Sarries with great passing play finished by a TRY from Harry under the post 0-47. Conversion by Keano 0-49.

Victory – with a complete team effort shown by 7 Try scorers and points from Keano’s conversions. Fair play to all the coaches/Managers and supporters for encouraging the team to this win – best of luck to Noah for a quick recovery!

Match report by Leo Daubeney

U15s bounce back

The big grudge match – Cheltenham Tigers away and our boys bounced back from last weeks cup disappointment with an all round display of Defence, Attack, and Discipline.

Defence – The boys showed some great resilience and guts when confronted with some big aggressive units running straight at them. The whole first half we seemed to be defending in and around our 22 and ten yard line. But still not much yardage was gained by their bullish pack who in fairness gave our makeshift and rearranged scrum a bit of resistance. Still we won a few against the ahead and lineouts went according to plan bar one going begging on their try line. In fairness, the strong wind had alot to do with this and it also explained why we were camped in our own half for prolonged periods in the first thirty minutes. Still playing this number of opposition (…) the boys carried on and didn’t drop their resolve for an instant. It was a breath of fresh air as the line held, and held, and held; until we regained the ball only to be pinged on countless occasions for what, I’m still not sure?

Attack – Although in the first half we barely got out of our half, we still looked dangerous on a few occasions and might a couple of dropped passes gone to hand we could have gone in at the half by a couple of tries up. As it was, we were only 5 points down and everyone would have settled for that at the beginning (and during..) as the turn saw the wind on our backs and the wind in our sails (soon, wait for it)..
We subsequently pushed them back in the scums and pummelled the rucks with some great hits leaving lots of space for the backs to use their dancing shoes and run in some points. The first try however was a good forward move that lead to Ryan crashing over (who still had a lot to do) but with a little help from some friends was awarded the score.
With a Keano conversion the lead was ours and never given back at 5-7.

Then the twinkle toes fly half himself went over for a 7 pointer with a lovely cut back inside on a recycled move. A much deserved score as he a had a man of the match performance with solid distribution, vision and guile.

Then as sure as the forwards got on the flood tide the backs benefitted with clean quick ball and and day-skipper Joel Birchy, sailed down the wing and got a nice score in the corner to make the score a little more ship shape and respectable.
See what I did there..

But the backs weren’t settling for that and although more tries could (& should … Mr Birchmore!) have been run in , Joe took umbrage at the refs poor eyesight and ran around a few flat footed Tiggers to score near the fifteen yard line, which Keane kicked to take the score to a decent and deserved number.

Discipline – Now a lot is spoke about this topic in and around rugby and to understand it you need to be on the pitch and not just watching from the side lines with your shed goggles on (current company guilty!) But the boys showed restraint beyond their years even though the coaches were spitting feathers at some of the decisions unfolding. To a lad there was no dissent or back chat and that there in the end is why we won the game and not only because we scored more points than them.
Big pat on the back fellas and I’m sorry if you heard me lose it.

Incidentals /parish notices- Injuries suffered to : Daubs (broke it again, that’s just careless!), Budge (you’re a trooper), Toby (cracking hits mate) Harvey (in the wars & dropped from a great height – well not that high.. but on your head ouch!) everyone with the usual bruises and gashes – you all played in a derby and you know it.
Fred, Harry, Aiden, Joel F, Birchy, Joe, Jaden, Jude, Keane, Harvey, Luca, Tobes, Daubs,Leo, Blessing, Ryan,Budge,Charlie,Growler, Adam, Sam, Tom
Thanks to Noah, Lanners, Will Green and the everyone who came to watch. The turn out in their club house was excellent and the smartest we’ve been- complemented on by them too.

And, by the way, we’ll have those bragging rights, thank you very much!

Tigers 5- 26 Sarries pups

Pups struggle in first cup match

The CC game v Dings Crusaders earlier today really put the pups to the sword.

In a match that promised much, it delivered very little in the way of a result and a performance.

It could have been all so different if early scoring chances hadn’t been squandered – with a couple of 5mtr line-outs being butchered and a short of the line drive wasted, which normally are bread and butter any other time. If we’d capitalised early on then it could have been a different story as even after letting in a couple of soft tries we still had lots of possession and attacking yardage.

Then came the madness from team indiscipline that undid us. With penalty after penalty giving the opposition un-earned ball, and yet every time we won it back, the refs arm went up and we were retreating ten again, and again.

From these plays we started ball-watching, and our shape and defence went south. Three, four and even 5 man overlaps were starting to define a poor defensive show that we didn’t seem to want to correct.

Infact, I can’t remember when we last gave the opposition this much room, with space galore, tries started going in left right and centre.

The drop outs, however were greatly contested with either Blessing, Leo, Charlie or Toby coming away with the ball. However, unusually poor contact technique often made stripping our normally safe players easy with turnovers aplenty. It was like a stuck record – just as we got momentum we gave the ball away.

Still the boys defended well in the tight and Adam, Tank, and Noah were tackling fantastically and clearing out rucks like their lives depended on it.

Growler, Budge, Harvey, Aiden and Keane all had snipe attempts thwarted and it was becoming apparent that this ‘newly formed’ team were no slouches. They had great defence and speed, but in attack they ran straight, shipped the ball out, and supported which inevitably meant tries. Credit to their coaches who later told us they had formed this season from Cleve and Frampton Cotterel and it was all becoming apparent these cherry picked players were possibly one of the best teams the pups had faced in a long time.

With injuries galore, before, during (and after … get well soon Skip) we had players out of position and changing throughout the match constantly.

Losing Keane late on meant that another re-shuffle was called for and Joe, who had been closed down tight at 12, then moved to 10 and Growler left the warmth of the forwards to end up at centre with Aiden (and then Joe again..). Although we pressed again, the aforementioned lads had good darting runs, but this Bristol lot weren’t giving much away and their jackling was fantastic; with NOT GETTING ISOLATED a key item to be worked on this Thursday.

Our consolation came in a line clearance kick which bounced high and Joe was there with a leap and 65metre charge to score a good solo try. Other notable positives were Harry, JoelF, Fred (injured 1st half) all played decently as did Leo Daubs, Jaden & ‘yo-yo’ new man Luca who was on and off more times than we could count… but he got to play his favoured 9 eventually (and didn’t disgrace himself ), with Harvey slotting in nicely at back row (because he plays like one!).

But, alas there was no stopping this Bristol team as they were just too good (…today)

Onwards and upwards –
Today the lamppost.
Tomorrow the dog!

Sarries 10 – 34 Dings

Cheltenham Saracens chairman Jimmy O’Shea says Gloucester Premier will be so tough this season

JimmyCheltenham Saracens are no longer the new kids on the block.

For many years one of the lower ranked teams in the town, they have now established themselves in the top three behind Old Patesians and Cheltenham, with many of their supporters believing they have power to add.

Double success in the end-of-season Cheltenham Combination cup finals only added to the optimism that is currently pervading King George V as they prepare for their fourth season in the rarified heights of Gloucester Premier.

But amid all the hope and expectation, chairman Jimmy O’Shea has warned that they have a tough season ahead.

“I think this will be our hardest season since we got into Gloucester Premier,” said O’Shea. “Look at the teams who have come up – Spartans and Gloucester Old Boys – it’s going to be very competitive.

“And then there’s the two clubs who have come down – Whitehall and Cirencester – they’ll both be strong as well.

“We’d love to go for promotion this season but you have to realise that a lot of teams can go up very quickly and then come down very quickly. We don’t want that happening to us.”

Not that O’Shea is expecting the club to struggle this season. He is delighted that Gloucester duo Billy Burns and Jacob Rowan will continue to coach at the club and is pleased to report that nearly all of the players who made last season such a success are still with the club.

O’Shea himself is a Saracen through and through after joining the club way back in 1982.

A back row forward who captained both the 1st and 2nd XVs, he is about to embark on his fifth season as chairman of the go-ahead club.

“We’ve got a good committee and everyone is on an even keel. We don’t pay players but they’re all happy here and we work hard to make sure that continues to be the case,” he said.

O’Shea may be urging caution but there’s a feelgood factor that could take Saracens a long way this season.

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